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Discover The Secret Language of Your Charts… And Understand What They are Telling You

See how to instantly spot upcoming price action potential for hefty profits

Your price charts are trying to tell you something…

But most traders don’t understand this “secret language” — and their trading suffers because of it.

Knowing how to read and evaluate charts accurately is THE essential skill every successful trader and investor must have.

Here’s why gaining chart reading knowledge is so vital…

Because whether the chart you’re looking at tracks a stock, index, futures contract or ETF, the price behavior of that particular vehicle gives you vital clues about its “health” and its future price action.

If you miss those clues, then you’re missing out on opportunities that can reap profits, or even help you avoid trouble.

The good news is that you can learn to read charts quickly and easily!

Toni Turner Training
how to read charts

Learn the right way to analyze price action

Toni’s popular recorded seminar, “How To Read Charts,” is ideal for all types of traders.

Whether you are new to the markets and would like to learn the right way to read charts, or you’re an intermediate to advanced trader or investor and would like to brush up on the fundamentals, this program promises new insights that can make a huge difference in your trades.

During this informative 110-minute recorded online training course, you will learn a step-by-step method to easily and accurately read and evaluate charts:

Training Session Outline

Interpret Line, Bar, & Candlesticks

Let Toni show you how to read these different kinds of charts so you can buy, manage risk, and sell wisely

Know Why Stocks Move In Cycles

Get secret insight into this essential key to understanding charts and using them to prosper

See Trends In All Time Frames

Increase your confidence in a trade when you are able to confirm a trend across multiple time frames

Identify Support & Resistance

Learn how professional traders use support and resistance levels for maximum advantage

Moving Average Secrets

Discover what moving averages tell you about the health of a stock

The Market's Mood & Manner

See how candlestick techniques show you the market’s mood and manner for clues to enter, exit, and manage your trades properly

Toni's 5 Simple Steps

You’ll use Toni’s 5 steps to easy and accurate chart evaluation for years to come

Make & Save Money

Get the key ways top traders use volume signals to identify the best trades – and avoid the bad ones

Plus, Receive These Special Bonuses When You Order


Complete Downloadable Course Manual


Toni’s FREE 3 Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset eBook

Toni Turner Ebook


Unlimited Access to this Recorded Online Training Course

After you view this 110-minute training course, you will have the knowledge and tools you need to effectively read charts to make better trading decisions instantly

I have traded with Toni Turner for over three years. She is an excellent trader and educator… a skill reserved only for the top few in the industry. Toni also has an uncanny ability to communicate in written and verbal communications complicated trading topics in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

D.G. Tampa, FL

After attending Toni’s swing trading seminar, my trading results improved dramatically. She knows how to teach complicated material so that it’s easy to understand. Moreover, it’s obvious she really cares about her students.

H.K., Sarasota, FL

Toni is an incredible presenter and terrific writer. She maximized my learning by taking very complex ideas and explaining them in a easy to understand way. I highly recommend her book, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online, and look forward to any future seminars she produces.

V.S. Huntington Beach, CA

Yes, this is a business and should be treated as such. You are so professional in your presentation. Toni, you really made it an “aha” moment, and an “aha” day!

K. Marquardt

Very insightful concepts.

P. Lucia

Toni explains feelings in trading eloquently.

L. Hamtez

Based on what I have learned, I have developed a workable plan and more confidence in trading.

E. Erfe

The benefits I gained from the workshop were building up more self-confidence, self-respect, and understanding that it’s okay to lose sometimes!

A. Guerra

Toni is an excellent trader and educator… a skill reserved only for the top few in the industry. She also has an uncanny ability to communicate in written and verbal communications complicated trading topics in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

D.G. Tampa, FL

There was so much valuable information in today’s seminar. My favorite were the top down strategies, trade patterns, and psychological factors! The Center Points of her books really touched me!

B.B. Studio City, CA

Here’s How To Access This Training Now

When you order by clicking the button below, you’ll receive instant-access to “How To Read Charts” recorded online training course.

View all this valuable training in just a few short minutes from now as often as you’d like.

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