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This Breakthrough Training Gives You 3 Money-making Set-ups for Day, Swing, and Trend Trades

You’ll discover how to plan your trades – and know when to buy and sell

When that opening bell rings…

Do you feel uncertain and a little (or a lot!) confused?

Do you see stocks ready to surge higher, but you hesitate to push they “buy” button?

Does it seem like you always buy (or sell short) at the wrong time?

Do you wish you new the best entry and exit prices, but you don’t know how to pinpoint them?

Have you heard “plan your trade and trader your plan” but you don’t understand the process?

Once you buy a position, do you sell too soon, leaving big gains on the table?

Would you like three reliable, high-potential set-ups in your trading tool box that you can use to enter trades every, single day?

Toni Turner Training
Three Winning Setups by Toni Turner

This is your playbook for successful trades

During this focused 110-minute recorded online training, you will learn three high-powered setups—two for long entries, and one for selling short. These setups are the same ones Toni uses for her own trades!

In this session, you will discover:

Entry Triggers that take the guesswork out of buying (and selling short)

A pre-market analysis routine that keeps you in the right trades at the right time

Risk management techniques for each set-up

Signals that tell you when to close the position and take profits

Training Session Outline

Section One – Pre-Market Analysis and Market Evaluation Checklist

Toni will show you an easy-to-conduct, yet thorough, pre-market routine and furnish you with a downloadable Market Evaluation Checklist. Now you can take the market’s “pulse” and evaluate its mood and manner before you trade. And that’s key to consistent trading success.

Section Two – Set-Up 1 – The Phoenix

Position (trend, core) traders can use this dependable set-up to enter “bottom fishing” trades. With this method, we enter a stock or ETF (exchange traded fund) when it reverses from a downtrend into a solid uptrend. Our intention is hold the position for weeks to months, or until certain signals (Toni will reveal them) indicates that at least for now, this uptrend party is over.

Section Three – Set-Up 2 – The Hawk

This set-up gives those of you who like to sell short a reliable set of signals and triggers for swing and intraday trades. If the market remains this volatile, knowing how to sell short–at least once in a while, using low risk vehicles like selected ETFs—may prove to be a valuable tool for all traders to keep handy.

Section Four – Set-Up 3 – The Falcon

Named for the sleek hawk known as a “falcon,” this highly focused (but easy to execute) set-up gives exact entry and exit signals for swing traders moving in and out of uptrends. The intended hold time is 2 – 5 days. The first and second day of this swing trade can also present great opportunities for intraday traders.

Section Five – Risk Management Strategies: Plan Your Trade

All successful traders calculate their potential risk and reward for each trade, before they enter. In this section, Toni will show you an easy formula for gauging risk and reward, and for planning your trades. Plus, she’ll discuss the risk management tactics that she uses for her own trades.

Section Six – Review Quiz – Confirm What You've Learned

Toni will review important points in the seminar content.

Plus, Receive These Special Bonuses When You Order


Complete Downloadable Course Manual


Toni’s FREE 3 Vital Steps to a Winning Trading Mindset eBook

Toni Turner Ebook


Unlimited Access to this Recorded Online Training Course

After you view this instant-access recorded online training you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to make safer, better trades immediately . . . using the powerful signals broadcast by volume.

I have traded with Toni Turner for over three years. She is an excellent trader and educator… a skill reserved only for the top few in the industry. Toni also has an uncanny ability to communicate in written and verbal communications complicated trading topics in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

D.G. Tampa, FL

After attending Toni’s swing trading seminar, my trading results improved dramatically. She knows how to teach complicated material so that it’s easy to understand. Moreover, it’s obvious she really cares about her students.

H.K., Sarasota, FL

Toni is an incredible presenter and terrific writer. She maximized my learning by taking very complex ideas and explaining them in a easy to understand way. I highly recommend her book, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online, and look forward to any future seminars she produces.

V.S. Huntington Beach, CA

Yes, this is a business and should be treated as such. You are so professional in your presentation. Toni, you really made it an “aha” moment, and an “aha” day!

K. Marquardt

Very insightful concepts.

P. Lucia

Toni explains feelings in trading eloquently.

L. Hamtez

Based on what I have learned, I have developed a workable plan and more confidence in trading.

E. Erfe

The benefits I gained from the workshop were building up more self-confidence, self-respect, and understanding that it’s okay to lose sometimes!

A. Guerra

Toni is an excellent trader and educator… a skill reserved only for the top few in the industry. She also has an uncanny ability to communicate in written and verbal communications complicated trading topics in a fun and easy-to-learn manner.

D.G. Tampa, FL

There was so much valuable information in today’s seminar. My favorite were the top down strategies, trade patterns, and psychological factors! The Center Points of her books really touched me!

B.B. Studio City, CA

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You can view all this valuable training in just a few short minutes from now as often as you’d like.

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