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Discover How You Can Increase Your Profits with Toni’s Products

The more you learn … the more you can earn!



Swing Trade in Any Market
Discover how to enter trades during upswings, easily grab the "sweet spot" from a price move, and pocket your profits before the market turns on you. Use this easy method to discover strategies to keep growing your trading account.
Bull and Bear

Increase Your Profits Trading ETFs

Announcing Toni’s newest product! There are as many ways to make money with ETFs as there are funds, and there are thousands of funds out there. Learn how to boost your gains in the stock market by trading and investing with ETFs.

Seven Steps to Successful Trading

Seven Steps to Successful Trading

You don’t need to waste time and money trying to find good trades. Follow the same process Toni uses every day to generate consistent profits. If you can follow a checklist, you can succeed with these proven strategies.

Trade the Trend to Profits

Trade the Trend to Profits

Let Toni show you how to use one of her favorite styles of trading easily and profitably using powerful strategies to grow your portfolio.  Traders and active investors will learn how to enter, manage and take maximum gains from long-term trades.

How to Read Charts

How to Read Charts with a Step-By-Step Method

When you understand the secret language of your charts, you will be able to instantly spot upcoming price action potential for hefty profits. Learn how to read them the right way to avoid problems and maximize success.

How to Profit Using Support & Resistance

How to Profit Using Support & Resistance

Imagine having the ability to know where buyers and sellers are clustering.  And imagine knowing when they will be making their moves, and in which direction.  That’s what the power of support and resistance can give you…

Three Winning Set-Ups

Three Winning Set-Ups for Day, Swing, and Trend Trades

This breakthrough training will give you three money-making set-ups for day, swing, and trend traders.  You’ll discover how to plan your trades, and know when to buy and sell.  These set-ups are the same ones Toni uses for her own trades!

Volume Signals Can Make You Money

Volume Signals Can Make You Money

Discover how to read volume action in all time frames to make more winning trades, quickly and easily.  This training will give you the ability to spot the signs of strong breakouts or reversals before they explode higher.

Bottom Fish Like a Pro

Learn How You Can Bottom Fish Like a Pro

Now, you can learn how to buy low and sell high.  Learn how to spot undervalued companies that are ready to rise into strong uptrends from which you can profit.  Avoid costly mistakes and go straight for better profits.

Trade the Right Stocks

Trade the Right Stocks at The Right Time

These proven strategies will show you what to trade and when to trade.  It’s the ideal training for stock traders and investors.  You’ll discover which sectors thrive … and which ones dive … in ALL market conditions.

Toni Turner
Best Selling Books

Invest to Win

Invest to Win with the GainsMaster Approach

Learn how to maintain a strong bullish portfolio, no matter where the market goes with a profitable strategy.

Beg Guide to Day Trading Online

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online

This book pulls back the curtain to show you how to prosper as an online day trader and master the markets.

Beg Guide to Short Term Trading 2nd Ed

A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading

See how you can find the sweet spot in the market and generate profits in three days to three weeks.

Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market

Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market

Get the techniques and strategies needed to trade in today’s uncertain market environment.

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