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Toni Turner is a Professional Trader, Bestselling Author, and World Renowned Educator
Dedicated to Educating Traders and Active Investors

Toni Turner is a World-Renowned Trading Instructor Featured on such Networks as

Recognized National Best Selling Author

Benzinga lists, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online high on their list of Best Day Trading Books

This Professional Trader…
         is also an Excellent Teacher

Best-Selling Author with International Following
Popular Financial Educator & Sought-After Speaker
Presents Complicated Material in a Simplified Manner

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New to Trading?

New to Trading?

Being new to trading and active investing doesn’t have to be confusing! The best way to start is by understanding how to properly read charts. This is the foundation every trader and active investor needs to be successful in the markets.

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Pro Trading Checklist

You don’t need to waste time and money trying to find good trades. Follow the same process Toni uses every day to generate consistent profits. If you can follow a checklist, you can succeed with these proven strategies.

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In Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market, Toni mentioned ‘to learn so as not to burn.’ Since I focus on candle charts, ‘burn’ got my attention! As to the ‘learn’ in that phrase, you will discover how well (and enjoyably) Toni covers two important aspects: (1) learning how to read the market’s message and (2) the vital—and much overlooked—aspect of learning about yourself as a trader. This is why Toni’s book is such a gem. A Japanese proverb says, ‘a jewel unless polished will not shine.’ Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market will make your trading shine.

Steve Nison, CMT

What is it about a good book that you just can’t put it down? Toni Turner certainly knows the answer, as her newest book [Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market] is simply a pleasure to read. Toni covers trading in a way that closely ties your experiences as a trader with you, as a person.

After the success of Toni’s first two books, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online and A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading, I had a hard time seeing how she could top herself. Here Toni has succeeded greatly. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have.

Price Headley, CMT

Three words: Buy this book [Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market]!

[Toni’s] gentle yet deft delivery guides you through the jargon and technical aspects of the trading world in a clear way. The book [is] valuable as a reference guide even after you’ve read it cover-to-cover.

Adam Najberg

Toni’s writing style is clear and concise as she covers dozens of useful tips and strategies in this well-written book [A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading]. Most trading books are not worth reading; however this gem is one of the few (along w/Steve Nison and Tony Oz and Barry Rudd’s) that I put in the “must-read if you’re learning how to trade” category. I recommend it to my traders at Daytrading University and it’s on the ‘short list’ of highly recommended reads.

She covers many strategies from start to finish and this is a well written strategy guide, with very well-planned coverage of trading essentials, plus a few advanced tips that are useful as well. Nice work – buy this book!

Ken Calhoun

Novice traders, as well as investors who are looking to pump up their success, will find plenty to like about Turner’s latest book [A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading].

One aspect that I really liked about this book was Turner’s approach to her readers. Unlike the majority of strictly-business manuals I usually see, she gives the reader the feeling that she earnestly wants you to learn about and profit from trading. And she is very upfront about the reality of trading, including the loss potential if you decide to play cowboy and trade cavalierly. She wants the reader to make sure that they know exactly what they are getting into. And if they do, she will show them how to be successful.

Nancy Zambell

A Beginner’s Guide to Short-Term Trading has the perfect blend of tools and psychological components needed to win your daily trading battles.

Toni has a sentence in this book, ‘I traveled a challenging road to learn this business, and now you can profit from my mistakes.’ This brings to mind a Japanese proverb: ‘If you wish to know the road, inquire of those who have traveled it.’ I can recommend no better guide than Toni to lead you down the road to successful online trading.

Steve Nison, CMT

Toni’s book [A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online], in my opinion, is the quickest way for newer traders to get up to speed with how to trade the markets for a living. This updated edition [2nd edition] discusses key changes that have occurred in the markets since the book was first written, including changes that have revolutionized the world of trading. If a trader is longing to find someone they can meet at Starbucks and learn the ropes of this never-dull business, then they need to look no farther than these pages.

John Carter

Toni Turner has the uncanny ability to take the very complicated subject of trading and break it down so that everyone can understand it. To master a given subject is to have a very firm grasp of the basics. That is what Toni gives you in A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online. There are only a handful of trading educators that I would recommend listening to, and Toni is one of them.

Hubert Senters
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